James Feinberg

for Precinct Committee Officer
Mill Creek 15

Hello! Thanks for looking me up. I am running for Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) in the Mill Creek 15 precinct in the 44th Legislative District (LD44) for the Washington State Democratic Party. I am running for this position for four reasons.

With my passion to do the right thing, my ability to affect change from within the system, and my experience in building consensus, I am your strongest choice for Precinct Community Officer.

Thank you for your support.

What is a PCO?
The Washington State Democratic Party has a good explanation about Precinct Committee Officers on this webpage: Become a Precinct Committee Officer.

It says, among other things,

Vote your ballot before August 2! Put a stamp on it or use your nearest drop box.

You can find your Precinct number on the Washington Secretary of State's website.
You can also find a map showing all of the Precincts in the 44th Legislative District on the Snohomish County website.